We Walk Alone, as Champions

Posted by Saim Friday, August 21, 2009
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Manchester United would rather walk alone, as Champions

There's this famous chant of one of our rival club supporters which goes on the lines of "You'll never walk alone" et all. The chant is famous all round and the supporters of the concerned club take great pride in having such a seemingly cool-unto-them chant for themselves and their beloved club.

Some time back there was a big controversy when a Manchester resident and a life long Mancunian contradicted the claims that "You''ll never walk alone" originated from within the club. On the contrary, she suggested that it was first sung by her and a group of friends at Old Trafford to remember the victims of the tragic Munich air disaster. She did not want to create any controversy neither did she want to take away the famous chant from the supporters of the concerned club, it was just that she wanted to set the record straight regarding the origins of the song.

Now to be very frank, as far as I'm concerned my club, Manchester United would rather walk alone than walking together with others. You see, of course it's lonely walking alone but then when you lead everyone and reach the finishing line, you have to walk alone. Let the also rans chant " You'll never walk alone" because they have company of others. We are alone, walking alone but we have the company of trophies and the taste of victory with us. Champions always walk alone, other trudge along together trying to catch up.

For us the chant goes "Walking alone as Champions"


  1. sandy Says:
  2. superb post..
    yeah the chant originated by red devils but unfortunately its being the chant of scousers.
    no worries.
    the red devils rule and we walk alone

  3. Saim Says:
  4. Bang on you are!!!


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