Posted by Saim Wednesday, July 01, 2009
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Mancunian Mavericks is a fanzine where everything RED is going to be talked about. The effort , of course, is to build a community of diverse people from different walks and parts of the world sharing one common thing, their love for the greatest club in the world, MANCHESTER UNITED.

Here, at Mancunian Mavericks, we are going to talk about the club and it's players, the games and the trivia, the history and the happenings and of course about the fans. We will analyze the tactics and performance and give our humble views, we will also talk about the opposition because we believe in knowing the enemy well. Of course, all this will be done from a RED perspective but we will not be knowingly biased.

So, visit us, follow the space and contribute here because there is nothing like a vibrant discussion and all of us like to talk about Manchester United. Also, if you wish to, then go ahead and talk about this space to your friends and get them all here to strengthen the community.

What should be the 1st choice midfield combo for United?