Manchester United Vs Wigan Preview

Posted by Saim Saturday, August 22, 2009
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The boss needs to make sure that the sense of rising panic among the legion of fans is assuaged with a worthy performance.

3 days after getting shocked and beaten @ Turf Moor, Manchester United now travel to DW stadium to take on a confident Wigan Athletic team who will look to pile on the misery. One defeat into the season and there have been clamor calls for change in personnel and tactics with the midfield coming in for serious flak. While it is a usual knee jerk reaction, what has prompted even many of the faithfuls to push in the panic button has been the lack of creativity in the team. 
There is growing fear that without the mercurial services of a certain Portuguese who left to follow a dream, Manchester United may just not have enough creative bite. The fact remains that in the two matches this season, the only creative spark seems to have been provided by Wayne Rooney and everyone knows, a swallow does not make a meal. The inability of Berbatov to up the ante and Owen's missing gilt edged chances have only heightened the fans fears that it is going to be impossible to replace Ronaldo's goals.
What seems to also contribute to the rising panic is the fact that we are now tied @ No.18 with the Scousers and no one wants to lose this opportunity of finally overtaking the Merseysiders and put them in their permanent place.
It is in this tense atmosphere that the team must now take on a determined side and play not only to win but to assuage concerns. Nothing can top the importance of three points but all over the world fans are looking for a performance of worth. To them 3 points is as important now as knowing that the team has enough in it to challenge on all fronts. They are begging out to know that losing the creative genius of Ronaldo may not cost us the title.
All eyes now to DW Stadium.

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