Halt The Obituaries, Fools

Posted by Saim Friday, August 21, 2009
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"Halt your draft copies of the obituaries, you could end up printing a joke on yourself again"

So, Manchester United lost yesterday to newly promoted Burnley and predictably the obituaries have started..."team selection was wrong", "the team lacks in the skills department", "they are missing Ronaldo big time", "the midfield is fragile", "the strikers are not sharp enough", "they need to splash some cash"... are some of the major rants.

And I go like when will you guys ever learn. Season after season you are made to eat s*** for your premature assessments and comments and yet you go on wagging like the ever curling tail of a street dog. God, just give it a rest and for once treat it on merit and not some deep rooted bias against the perennial winners.

Yes, Fergie changed the whole midfield and we could not dominate in the middle of the park but Giggs was tremendous and had a very good game. No one noticed that. Owen missed a sitter again but the fact remains that he is too clinical a finisher to keep missing them. The instincts just don't go away. Of course, we are missing the enthralling skills of Ronaldo and the fear factor he evoked in the opposition but tell me one club who would not miss the world's best player and I'll be your slave for life.

Everyone is blaming Carrick for missing a penalty but no one seems to remember that it was a pretty good save. Everyone is blaming Manchester United for taking Burnley lightly, but everyone seems to forget that this is the same side which knocked out big guns last season too. No one remembers that Burnley backed by a boisterous crowd gave an outstanding performance.
There has been a major clamor for a new signing, someone who can take on the Ronaldo role of an attacking midfielder/winger but tell me one name who is possible.
  • Ribery..no thanks
  • Aguero...overpriced
  • Silva...hmm
And then what about Macheda, Obertan, Tosic, Anderson, Valencia, Nani...why did we buy these players when we did not have faith in them. Ferguson trusts them and I for one trust his judgement. We may not go on to win this season but don't dare write us off after two games...remember just the last season if not many others. We have always been slow starters, so the loss was not something entirely unexpected. To be fair, the negative criticism wasn't unexpected too. We have long come to expect such idiocy from the press and we take much delight in proving them wrong, time and again. And I bet on doing so again, hopefully.

So, my small free advice to them is "Halt your draft copies of the obituaries, you could end up printing a joke on yourself again".


  1. Bilal Says:
  2. all rivals should me made to memorize this article..great job

  3. Saim Says:
  4. and the idiotic press!!!


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