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Posted by Saim Tuesday, September 01, 2009
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 Arsene takes his rant further and loses all semblance of logic and decency

In my previous post here I had commented on how Arsene Wenger had gone on a typical moan rant of his after seeing, with increasing frustration, his side surrender a lead and capitulate in the face of some mild Manchester United pressure. Berating him for his lack of tiniest of logic in the moan, I had suggested that "he could certainly have done better".

Now little did I know that Arsene would read that post and even more so take my comments in the literal sense of the language but then what has to happen happens. So Arsene taking my sarcasm laden remark to heart has indeed acted on it and has in fact done better. How you may ask... Simply by calling Manchester United's tactics "anti-football". Laugh out loud everyone:)

"I have seen a player who plays on the pitch only to make fouls. For me, this is a point that is more urgent than diving...The players who are never punished, who get out of the game without a yellow card. I think it is more anti-football than a player who did what Eduardo did...Look at how many deliberate fouls some players get away with. That's a bigger problem because it cuts the flow of the game. And people pay to see football, not free kicks."

So enlightening of you Mr. Wenger. While I understand that Arsenal were not awarded a clear cut penalty (though it would not have made any difference to the scoreline), to suggest that the most successful team in Premier League history plays "anti-football" is not only idiotic but downright disgraceful. It seems Arsene has become so enamored of his mantra of slick, one-touch beautiful football that he has forgotten that football is a contact sport. It's not just about passing the ball, it's also equally about good, hard tackles. It is only the combination of both these arts that can lead you to the pinnacle but Arsene of course would not know this considering the lack of any trophy in the last five years that his "beautiful football playing" team has won.

In his short sighted book of tactics, a tackle is equivalent to a foul which explains his "ohh-so-intelligent" comment about Fletcher and his supposed 20 fouls. Of course, the real fact is that Arsene knows very well that his prima donnas cannot compete in a physical and intense game of football with most sides and thus this attempt at riding the game off tackling.

But of course, his book consists a full chapter on simulation, play acting and cheating which explains how some of his players past and present have so mastered that "dark" art. I confess I had some respect for Arsene as I regarded him as a student of the game with good understanding of the nuances but by grovelling so low in his obvious frustration he has completely lost it.

All I'll say, get a life Mr. Wenger

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