Fergie: Fletcher Too Good For Arsenal

Posted by Saim Friday, September 11, 2009
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Fergie says that Arsenal seems to bring the best out of Darren Fletcher

Fergie: Fletcher Too Good For Arsenal
Sir Alex Ferguson has showered praise on midfielder Darren Fletcher alluding that he was just too good for Arsenal on the day. praising the young Scot's energy and commitment to the cause, Fergie says that Fletcher is very good at what he is supposed to do. Fletcher who has been turning in superb performances on a consistent basis now was indirectly taunted by Arsene Wenger as someone "who played just to commit fouls".

Ferguson though says that those comments from Arsene were more a show of desperation and futility than a judgement on Fletcher's footballing ethics and skills. Rubbing in the lack of silverware for Arsenal, the manager says that Wenger was obviously frustrated at his side was again crumbling under intense, hard football.

Ferguson speaks...

"I thought Fletcher was fantastic. I said right after the game against Arsenal that, for me. he was the star man. Wayne, who was named man of the match, said it should have gone to Fletcher and we all agreed. Darren is one of the most honest and fairest players in the game. Because he wins the ball and does it fairly, that's probably annoyed Arsene. But that is Darren's job and it's one he's very good at. He's marvellous at pressing the ball. His energy is incredible.
I think Arsene was a bit agitated right from the start. I think he knew it was a big game for them. it was bigger for Arsenal than it was for United because the last two or three seasons have been disappointing for them. This time they'd started well, putting in six past Everton and four past Portsmouth, so it was frustrating for them."

Ferguson also highlighted why it was an important victory for Manchester United. Saying that they wanted to better their record against the other big clubs, he said...

"The result against Arsenal was an important one for us becasue last season we dropped four points to Arsenal. Our form against the top teams wasn't what it should have been and hopefully, we'll do better in that respect this season."  

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