Manchester United Vs Wigan Match Report

Posted by Saim Saturday, August 22, 2009
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A performance in the second half allowed Manchester United to dispatch off Wigan...Hopefully they can now take the confidence from this and kick on the campaign for the title.

I am sure that many Manchester United fans would agree wholeheartedly with me when I say that supporting United has such a fun element to it...we take so much pleasure in the fact that our team so very often makes the world eat their words.

Today was another such day when Manchester United chose to remind everyone how perilious and idiotic it is to write them off ever. A dominating second half display capped with plenty of goals is how they answered their critics and assuaged the fan. On the way, Wayne Rooney got his 100th goal for the club and soon followed it with the 101st. Dimitar Berbatov opened his account for the season with a cheeky little skill. Michael Owen got off the mark with a sublime goal reminding everyone of the fact Once A Poacher, Always A Poacher and Nani staked a claim to replace Ronaldo, the dead ball specialist.

But the real star of the show was Darren Fletcher who is amply giving proof of why he was so missed in Rome. The Scot is fast turning into a world class battling midfielder and for me he has to play every match of consequence for Manchester United alongside either of Carrick, Scholes or Anderson.

The return of Vidic bodes well especially with Rio set to miss out for a month and Foster had an assured outing which would help his nerves.
One loss in the season and the predictable circus had started with the usual suspects all having a field day slamming the players and the coach. To be fair, all of us were slightly worried and it would be fallacy to conclude that everything is hunky dory after today's dominant second half performance. Yes, it was a performance which Manchester United needed to put out, not just to issue a statement of intent but also to keep their self confidence intact.

I would be lying if I said that I was not worried after the first half but thankfully the second half gave us a glimpse of what we can expect. More so, it would give players like Nani, Owen and Berbatov a much needed boost. The wings still look very suspect and one hopes that Nani after the last 10 minutes of today's game gains confidence. Also, a return to form for Michael Carrick would go a long way in helping us settle into a dominant midfield combo.

So, Manchester United beat Wigan and to my mind also beat some of their own inner demons. It is now to be seen how the players take the confidence of today's play into the encounter against a very in form Arsenal side next week.

What should be the 1st choice midfield combo for United?