Adios CR7, Thank You For The Memories

Posted by Saim Sunday, August 02, 2009
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"That boy Ronaldo" will always be fondly remembered, a United legend that he definitely is

The world watched as a sprightly 17 year old made the most enthralling debut making a mockery of Bolton's defense in 20 breathtaking minutes. Manchester United had discovered a gem and the mystic of the No.7 shirt continued. Cristiano Ronaldo announced himself as the heir apparent to attacking and entertaining traditions of United in that 20 min blitz and that was just a precursor.

The initial years were filled with sparks of brilliance and the odd goals but also severe criticism for lack of end product and diving. The raw talent was for all to see but it had to be nurtured and there is no one better than Ferguson when it comes to nurturing a talent. The fancy dribbles and putting the defender to shame attitude were reduced as the diamond was cut and polished.

However, it all seemed to be a false dawn when that altercation took place in the World Cup and predictably Ronaldo turned England's public enemy No.1 with him being blamed for England's exit with no one even remembering that their midfield maestros Lampard and Gerard had missed penalties.

It seemed Ronaldo was destined for Spain but the for persuasive skills of Fergie. He came back in the face of boos and chants all over but he had the United faithful backing him and then he conspired to give United three glorious years of history. A player transformed, the boy had turned into a man and the world witnessed with envy United's pride. There was no prize in world football which he and United did not win in those three years and United were truly the greatest club in the world with the best player on the planet weaving his magic. He not only won prizes and trophies though, in his time with us he won fans and touched hearts and inspired kids to play the right way, the attacking way.

He is now gone, no longer CR7 and time has moved on. But he gave us joyful moments and wonderful memories which every fan will cherish till death. The ecstasy and thrill of watching him run riot over the field is a delightful memory which we must keep frozen in time.

Yes, there were times when he gave us disgust and anger at his flirtations with Madrid but then we all knew that this was just a passing carnival. I choose to remember him with all the delightful scenes on the pitch rather than ones made in newsrooms and from anonymous sources. Of course, the emotional farewell interview helped bridging gaps with the fans and it all turned out decently in the end.

He is no longer at the greatest club in the world but he is still the best player on the planet and I wish him well in his endeavors. May his live his dream well, and thank you for the memories.

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